YP fBOOST is now in the neighborhood!


PHILIPPINES, 2017 – Known as the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has almost two-thirds of its internet users take to social media as their main source of information when deciding to make any purchase. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter becoming viable platforms for effective advertising, brands worldwide have launched aggressive digital marketing campaigns to be at their target market’s line of vision. In an age of instant gratification where everything is digital, the goal for businesses is to harness the internet’s potential to make brands relevant and readily-accessible to their audience.

In a move to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adapt to the technological changes in the marketplace, DPC Yellow Pages – a company long known to put businesses within reach of their potential clients –  has developed the most effective Facebook advertising solution in the country today: YP fBoost. Yellow Pages provides complete consultancy and execution of effective and cost-efficient Facebook ads – from campaign conceptualization, to real-time reports that guarantee reach and frequency.

“With the growth of Facebook in the Philippines, small businesses can make it big. YP fBoost is a new and unique advertising solution that will help them profit from that opportunity. It offers full campaign management, which lets small and medium enterprises promote their products and services similar to how the big brands are doing it, but at less cost and with less effort on their part,” said Denison Tan, Marketing Manager for Yellow Pages PH.

“In fact, we offer the YP fBoost advertising solution for as low as Php1.80 per unique user reached, on average, who will see your brand’s Facebook ad six times,” Tan explained.

With more Filipinos using Facebook for their product and service needs, Tan said that it is only as important that SMEs become digitally visible when customers search for them.

“Brands are getting known because people find them on Facebook. YP fBoost guarantees SMEs that they will have the right ad, seen by the right people at the right number of times. With this innovation, we are certain that their brands will leave a lasting mark on people’s minds,” Tan said. “Our strongest selling points – guaranteed reach and frequency – are things even the bigger ad agencies don’t offer at the moment.”

To date, there are over 48 million Facebook users in the country. According to TNS Research, Facebook is the most used digital platform by Filipinos for entertainment and online shopping. This is an insight that SMEs should recognize and embrace. The digital trend is now and this is the best time for them to build their online brand and drive sales through cost-efficient but effective Facebook advertising solutions like YP fBoost.

Yellow Pages fBoost was launched on February 21 by Directories Philippines Corporation, with guest speakers from Go Negosyo and Facebook. The event was attended by officials in the SME business community as well as entrepreneurs and businessmen.

About Yellow Pages

Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) has been in the local search industry for more than 5 decades, bridging buyers and sellers together. DPC ventured into the digital space in the early 2000s — offering SMEs cost-effective digital marketing solutions including search advertising, website development, Facebook management and advertising, appointment booking solutions, leads generation and more. Its continuous innovations have propelled thousands of small and medium businesses to success.


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Cause BLACK is so mainstream.

I have tried different haircolors already. I’ve been used to have black, tried red, brown if I have no more choice and blonde if the color fades. This one is something new for me, gray. Knowing that it would be difficult to maintain and achieve this haircolor, I still tried. It’s kind’a weird and doubtful for a tanned person to use gray haircolor. But still, I becam strong, strong enough to face all the bashers, lol.

For those who also wanted to try this haircolor, prepare for the end of your hair. Yes, you have to bleach it so hard that you would even cry because of the meds. This is what they consider tiis ganda. Yes, kind’a satisfied because I was able to amaze lots of people, but not worth it enough. This will just last for 2 weeks, trust me.

Of course, thank you to Glimpse Of Heaven Salon, our salon (lol), for making this possible. From thousands of trials, here it is.


And yes, my favorite month of the year has come, June – rainy season.

I don’t really understand, but rain makes me feel “kilig.” This will be very interesting for me since I have been single since birth. I never experienced the feeling of being hugged by someone special, I don’t understand the heat within. Ooops, I don’t want this post to be so dramatic and emotional, it’s just a simple me taking a good coffee because rainy season.

I don’t drink much alcohol, I smoke, and I love coffee. I don’t know why, but I can even drink 3 or more coffees in a day. I don’t know how to start a day without having a sip of coffee before anything else. When rain starts, I immediately reward myself with a good coffee and ran into my window, just watching every drop while taking a sip.

Well, busy or not, rainy or summer, morning or night, nothing and NO ONE can change my love for coffee. Maybe yes? Someone who loves coffee can be a turn on for me. People has known me for being the first person to ask for a “coffee break.” So, if you really want to be with me and meet me, just invite me with a good coffee, I’ll be satisfied.

Believe it or not, coffee satisfies me.

Something new, something different.

It all started here, turning my next page. I’ve been playing volleyball since childhood, grade 4, I think? Every night, I’ve been dreaming of something new. I want a new life, new experiences. With this, I immediately grabbed the opportunity of joining a friend who loves wakeboarding.

Starting something new is really difficult guys, you’ll never have everything in one glimpse. But you know what matters most? Your willingness and motivation to do so, to never give up. I told myself that from this day forward, I will embrace this new me. Sometimes, we leave not because we don’t want things anymore, we leave because we’re not happy anymore, with everything.

For me, volleyball has really taught me a lot. It gave me this kind of personality to work harder with my team, to win. But of course, there are lots of people involve in this game. The game is not just about you, but with your team, most of the time, with your friends. It’s about time to have something for myself, to win for myself and to learn for myself.

First was bad tho, wasn’t able to balance myself. Even told myself to just post in instagram and pretend that I really enjoyed the ride. Instead, told myself that this will not be the last.

Not an army.


Some says, your outfit will define you. But sorry, I can’t concede to that. Maybe because I really don’t buy expensive clothes. Why? Because only you can define yourself. Some will say your sexy, some will say your fat, it doesn’t matter. What is important is, you enjoy every second of your life, no matter what brand you are wearing.


Remember to bring two things in every second you’ll have, your smile and your heart.

A baliwan with Alexa Macanan.

Alexa Macanan is a young actress from Star Magic under ABSCBN. She has been in Maalaala Mo Kaya, Wanspanataym, Mirabella, and has portrayed little roles like “Little Anne Curtis” and “Little Bea Alonzo.” Well, I was given a chance to have a schedule with her. Despite of her busy schedule, she still had blocked a schedule for me. Guess what, it was a video blog, a very funny interview.

To see the full interview, check this website.

New York-er


In a cold place like Baguio, a casual wear that would cover your skin is enough. I chose not to wear boots, polos and jogger pants. I told myself that I’ll be on my simplest form, take a walk and enjoy the day. Your outfit is also your mood. If you don’t feel good on what you wear, your day is ruined. So, since this will be a long day, a long journey rather, plain is enough.