Cause Boracay is so mainstream.

There are lots of ways to enjoy the heat this summer. Some may have booked themselves for an out of the country adventure, some may have tried different activities this summer and some would rather go to beaches and enjoy unlimited drinks. Yes, there will be lots of interesting posts in social media about quick weekend getaway for this summer.

This Labor Day, one known place for millennials is Boracay. I’m pretty sure that there are lots of people booking themselves for a trip in this beach. But guess what, I’m 100% sure that more than the beach, there’s another reason why, it’s because of Laboracay. Laboracay is a day in Boracay where most of the tenants are preparing for a big music festival. There will be inviting of famous personalities, unlimited drinks and all day partying. But, believe it or not, I have not experienced Laboracay yet. My friends would invite me to try this thing, but not really that interested. I’d rather be part of the explorers than being a party goer.

But guess what, this year, an event was awarded to me in Boracay. And at the same time, another event was awarded to me in La Union. Well, La Union has been known for various movies. This place is not really into partying, more of surfing and quality time. So I decided to be part if the La Union than Boracay, even if Boracay was a lot better than La Union.


Labor Union Festival, this is how La Union celebrates Labor Day, a night for all. So I decided to be in La Union for this whole week, not just for work, but for fun. I was booked in Monaliza Resort, may not be that known and big, but a comfortable place who would want to feel the breeze.


The are more for La Union, you can enjoy the beach.


Aside from the beach, you can go out all night and explore the unique eateries.


And never ever forget, grab an alcohol to celebrate a good day.


To sum it all, go out and party with people you just met in the beach.


Labor Union is not a typical music festival. There are bands and DJs in this event. They start the night with bands to entertain the guests, then they star the party at midnight.

My Labor Day celebration was a success. Instead of being in Boracay, I was able to discover a new event for Labor Day, Labor Union Festival. A great experience for people who are tired being in Boracay every Labor Day, experience something new!


Cause bundok is life (Mt. Pamitinan)


I finally get to understand why trekking has become viral. Yes, some will just go because it’s viral but some really goes because it gives you a moment to realize how life is in this country. This is the second time I’ll be climbing a mountain. I never thought it would be this fun.

And you know what’s best about this travel? I tried to go for a climb with people I just met. Through travelling, we learn to meet new faces, get new stories and experience new feelings. With this, I was able to have more friends in facebook (lol).

This will be a 2 hour trekking. Yes, tiring, but satisfying. You’ll be able to witness the beauty of nature here in the Philippines. You’ll be a able to witness different rock formations and bamboos.

Yes, you may stay overnight. But, you have to bring your own tent and meals. There are vendors, but not enough to satisfy your discriminating tongue after a long journey.

I know this will not be the last, there will be more to come.

Something new, something different.

It all started here, turning my next page. I’ve been playing volleyball since childhood, grade 4, I think? Every night, I’ve been dreaming of something new. I want a new life, new experiences. With this, I immediately grabbed the opportunity of joining a friend who loves wakeboarding.

Starting something new is really difficult guys, you’ll never have everything in one glimpse. But you know what matters most? Your willingness and motivation to do so, to never give up. I told myself that from this day forward, I will embrace this new me. Sometimes, we leave not because we don’t want things anymore, we leave because we’re not happy anymore, with everything.

For me, volleyball has really taught me a lot. It gave me this kind of personality to work harder with my team, to win. But of course, there are lots of people involve in this game. The game is not just about you, but with your team, most of the time, with your friends. It’s about time to have something for myself, to win for myself and to learn for myself.

First was bad tho, wasn’t able to balance myself. Even told myself to just post in instagram and pretend that I really enjoyed the ride. Instead, told myself that this will not be the last.

Where do broken hearts go? Not in Baguio.

I still won’t believe that Baguio would be a better room for broken hearts. Yes, a Filipino Movie portrayed that it could be in Sagada, but let me get back to you as soon as I get there.

According to my personal survey, it would be better to travel in Baguio without a Travel Agency. If you really are seeking for adventure, take a bus or your ride and drive to Baguio alone, explore the possibilities. Go and witness alone the beauty of nature. For an adventurous person like me, I would prefer to walk alone, be lost, it will help me realize, internalize and observe things.707affc8023e3763a640601d0784bd9aa4558ca94bdb3b44c5ff6c1e24435f60

Not a mistake, but if given a chance, I wouldn’t even choose an expensive place. A place near the city of night life would satisfy the contentment I am searching. Unfortunately, I was away from the market. But fortunately, I get to stay in a high-end condominium in Baguio.


Mines View Condominium

And I chose to spend every afternoon walking alone the streets, enjoying the views and place myself in a shoe of a person who gets to live and work in Baguio. Baguio is just a small place, but each place would feed you with different realizations. “Pano kaya ako titira dito? Ano kayang negosyo ang bongga dito? Ano kayang feeling ng mabuhay dito?”5a75f156f5d45faf3c4ee83e21f0bc7151c1fbabb2d1f53aa9c3fd58d452ea2d

On the second day, I chose to be in Philippine Military Academy. I don’t know, I don’t have a goal here. It might be funny, but what’s the sense of adventure if you don’t get to hit lots of birds in one stone. e41edd1cc90eb549190f268199c801423d56c3e57c925c6eb5b0a848c1985c08

Got to see lots of things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the students walking straight.


Upon walking alone, you’ll see lots of soldiers guarding the place. They are responsible of directing you to what you want to see and they are tasked to arrange everything. Of course, they are very kind in answering all your beauty contest questions.

And I now clearly understand why traffic has began in Baguio. It’s cute that you won’t see lots of jeeps but will see people using horses as their transportation. I just can’t imagine how these horses got to memorize the ways in Baguio. How can I command a horse to bring me back home?


There were lots of restaurants and eatery in Baguio. But since the place has already become one of the greatest tourist spots in the Philippines, every place is crowded. And now, the problem is where to eat on a very tiring travel. I had my lunch at 4pm since I was on the waiting list. How I wish I could tell them my credentials so I could get an easy access to any table I wanted. Canto, a restaurant near The Mansion is a restaurant to choose if you would want to feel the air and the view in Baguio. Eating inside is just like eating in your house. Workers doesn’t have a uniform, tables, chairs and everything are set as how your mom has set your dining room.

And yes, I was refrigerated. It rained so hard in Baguio that all I want to do is cage myself inside a cup of coffee. Some says, rain will stop your journey in a day. But for me, it is another time for yourself. Thinking and realizing things – perfect start for 2016.


Everyday is a coffee day for me. But my life has changed when I saw a vendor of taho in the place. I really don’t eat taho, but they told me that taho in Baguio is far different from the taho I used to taste during my childhood days. Aside from loving the color pink on a plain white, I love the heat of it. I tried one to really determine. I was amazed upon seeing the vendor uses real strawberries as syrup to sweeten the taho. Then I realized, this deserves a caption.


Since I have uploaded all my OOTDs in each day, a friend from my college days messaged me and advised me to visit the night market. I really don’t understand what it means, but my friend told me that it’s all about food and fashion. From that message, I decided to be in the place at exactly 10pm onwards and I must take a picture. I got to purchase clothes and shoes which you will see soon in my fashion category. I wasn’t able to reach the end, why? Wala na akong pera. I was shocked from the prices, I bought almost 10 clothes for 1,000 pesos only. Amazing, amazing. Baguio, why are you so kind?


Let this last day end by celebrating alone with my coffee. Yes, hot drink. I really can’t grab a frappe at the moment. My hands are freezing and the bed is calling me to just sleep all day and prepare for 2016.a9b81fb5326d4cfc2e0bbb25ecd1aea3facd268259ec96c12e036746dedd7143

Day 1, 2 and 3 of 2016 is really important for me. These are my first days for 2016, those days will be my standard of weighing each day. Thank you Baguio for the experience and the love, thank you for helping me think on how to face Day 4 onwards. I’ll be back, I’ll be back.

Be trapped in Tagaytay.

My original plan was to spend a whole day anywhere in Tagaytay. Being trapped was never part of my list. Yes, in this kind of weather, cold, I decided to embrace the temperature in Tagaytay. I survived! I never imagined myself conquering the storm, I never dreamed of driving without seeing anything. All I have is my heart, my heart to lead me on which path to choose. (arte) But this is me, nandito na ako, aatras pa ba ako? 2 hours din to from us noh!


But of course, part of my checklist is to have Bulalo as my lunch, and so I did. There were lots of eatery or restaurant in Tagaytay, unfortunately, all were crowded. But I never gave up, hindi ako susuko bilang ayoko bumalik ng bahay para lang kumain. I found this place along the way.


Just to give you an idea of what they serve if ever you’ll be in this place too, spoiler kumbaga. But I really don’t care, I just want Bulalo to hug me on this cold weather.



And really? Bulalo was served in a palayok. It amazes me when something makes me jog back into the old way. I felt like I was Yna Macaspac in Pangako Sa’yo. I really just have a good heart to this kind of I don’t know, art I guess? On how they associate the Filipino Culture at this modern stage of life, cool.


And so I did, not because I wanted, but because I was required by my good heart to open the palayok and inhale the Bulalo’s breath. Being near to what you desire is somehow like being hugged by someone you also desire. (arte101)IMG_7957

Of course, it is a necessity for me to have a cup of coffee in a day. It’s like, coffee has become my underwear. Not having coffee is like being naked. And so I decided to drive to the nearest coffee shop which is Starbucks, every individuals stopover.


Sorry for having my photo here, but I just wanted to show na umorder talaga ako at di ako social climber. Cold weather, cold place but sorry, I really can’t grab a frappe at this moment. Instead, I asked for a hot drink.


This is not the first time I’ve been in this place, I really loved to stand up in this place and watch the clouds surround the place. I really love watching this scene, it reminds me of how life could be great if you would appreciate every moment.


But I can’t hangout in this kind of weather, it is not cold, it is extremely cold. It’s like being caged in a refrigerator. I’s like freezing yourself. And so I decided to trap myself in the car, hear some music and watch some movie in my laptop. Unfortunately, I can’t go home yet. I can’t drive in this kind of vision, I can’t even see the roads and cars. Yes, help me I’m trapped.


But of course, a day must end. Another great day is waiting for me, another travel, experience and lesson to share is waiting for me. Dear Tagaytay, thank you for having me. Hindi lang pala sa relasyon ma-eexperience ang cold, kasi sa’yo, araw araw. 


Mercato in South – Evia.

December 13, 2015

I’ve been in Mercato in Bonifacio Global City, I’ve been in Baga Manila in Daang Hari, I also have tried small Mercato-like in small places.

For a coffee addict like me, the best place to hangout is in Evia. You don’t have to shop since the shops are limited. You don’t have to be in your best costume since it is not crowded by people. It is along the way where there is no villages beside. A visitor must have their vehicle to be in here, there are no jeeps, bus or fx that could carry you in this place. Of course, there are no bars and clubs. To sum it up, this place is a place to take a cup of coffee and spend a day. It was late night on a Sunday where I decided to eat to satisfy my cravings.

Yes, knowing that Evia is not a good place where you can eat, I still have decided to be here since I would love to take coffee as my midnight buddy. I never expected that I’ll be seeing this in a Parking Lot. Mercato-like in Evia.


Yes, it is not yet crowded. Yet, since people are not aware of this and I felt like people can’t easily travel here. You could easily choose any food you want, take it, pay for it and eat it. In addition, seats are always available. Somehow, it has limited stores open.


While walking around, I never expected that this car was a grilling station. I thought it was just a design by Burn Out Grill. So, I took a photo of it and made sure that I will share this to everyone. IMG_7759

Masaya, masarap, tahimik. Words that will satisfy me, words that you can see in this place.

This eatery will soon close, this is just part of their celebration in Christmas. At least, I was part of their history. I have tried and experience being in one of their marketing strategy.