More than coffee, fashion.

While waiting for my car to be washed near Medical Center Imus, I immediately went to a new coffee shop I discovered. This helped me remember that I also have to buy new clothes for my next days, in case I’ll be attending something special.

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The Meeting Plate – may look good in this photo, but believe me, more than coffee, there is more that you will surely like. They are located in Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite. Actually, in front of Wensha and Yellow Cab in Imus, Cavite.

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But of course, this shop doesn’t just serve coffees. They also serve rice meals, pastas and other fruit shakes that you have to see yourself. Yes, the tone and manner of this shop is really comfy because of the interior design and the lights. Yes, a place for a good selfie, rather.

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May not be a good time for me to eat pastas and have coffees, so I decided to take their rice meal. But this isn’t really the highlight, because while waiting for the food, I went to see more of the shop’s objective, to feed our body and souls with fashion and beauty.

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This place made me stay more than 1 hour, just looking for new clothes I can have. How I wish I could purchase everything. Felt like everything was designed for the millennials. Aside from the design, everything is affordable. I have not seen any cloth more than 1K. They sell TShirts, pants, shorts, jackets, make ups, etc. So I bought 2 clothes, I’m really not a person who looks at the brand, I more focus on the design than the quality.

This is just me blogging about the place, I have no right to write about the food yet. Let’s wait till I get to taste every best seller they are serving. But here’s what I got, shopping wouldn’t be tiring in The Meeting Plate. You get to choose your favorite menu while shopping for yourself. This is not just about coffee, not just about fashion. This is about spending money and enjoying the return of what you have spent.

To know more about them, message their official facebook page: THE MEETING PLATE

I am claiming that this wouldn’t be the last visit, I’ll soon tweet more about them!


Sit and Stay In Barkin’ Blends Cafe


As I have said, there are two types of young people; Young people who would sleep all day and party all night and young people who would grab a cup of coffee all day and work all night. Me? I just love coffee, it gives me this emotional satisfaction that tells me I don’t need to be in a relationship anymore.

Yes, there are lots of Coffee Shops in the Philippines, but guess what, there is this one coffee shop in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City that will make you sit and stay in one place while taking a sip on your coffee. Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe has 32 dogs inside a room where you can play and bond with them. Stress reliever, yes.

Click this link to see more!

A “One Stop Shop” in Brickwood Cafe


At this era, you could totally define the young people in two categories. One, young people who would sleep all day and party all night. The other one, young people who would choose to face their computers all night and have coffee all day.

Today, we reveal another coffee shop in Bacoor, Cavite, The Brickwood Cafe. Some will say that there are already lots of cafe in Bacoor. But let me tell you something about this place, you could hangout all day by grabbing a meal for lunch, taking nachos and coffee for snack and lastly, order another great food for dinner. But the day will not yet end there, you could still order more for midnight snacks!

Not magic, just Justin Pinon.

Experienced hitting two birds with one stone. Since I was invited in this event, it is not a requirement, but an obligation to blog and say something about what happened. IMG_8835In Chino Roces Avenue, where Eco Plaza is located, a good pair of coffee and bread and an artsy environment will be seen, Staple and Perk. It is owned by a 24-year old who is also a Culinary Arts graduate, Mr. Aldrin Lim. Actually, he belongs to a family who is really engaged into industrial businesses. Due to his interest, his father gave him a space where he could exercise his skills and maximize his opportunities.

It is a bakery, not a restaurant or any kind of eatery. He really focuses into his breads since he loves baking. Of course, they also offer good foods and classic coffees. In fact, they have served some of their best seller foods so we could get to evaluate what kind of food they offer.

Mr. Lim wants his bakery to part of the mid-range since they offer not better than Starbucks and not below the average of a simple bakery or coffee shop. Since it is located in a building where call center agents are working, the place is mostly visited by managers who would want to grab a coffee and smoke outside the place.


The bakery opens 24 hours, but they sometimes close it every weekend. Moving forward, they are strengthening their marketing strategy to capture more people in their very humble “tambayan.” The strategy includes opening every weekend and conducting events for people who would really target this place.


Just for you information, since they are conducting great events in their bakery, a board is placed to inform you of their upcoming events. Of course, you could also search for their facebook fanpage or social media accounts.

You may be wondering why I mentioned hitting two birds with one stone. Fortunately, I was able to witness the Mental Assasin of the Philippines named Justin Pino. He is mostly seen in televisions and mostly heard in radio stations due to people’s demand on his skill. He also performs in Staple and Perks Bakery, that’s why I was able to witness his unbelievable magic.


The very humble Mr. Pino doesn’t want to be considered as a magician, he can’t do magic and he can’t read the future. Instead, he can see and predict what’s on your past and tell you what kind of person are you. Plus, he can read minds. So be careful when you meet him, don’t worry, he doesn’t judge. He can reveal immediately what’s on your mind through your gestures and how you move, even if you are in a poker mode.

How? 12 years ago, he experienced an extreme break up with his girlfriend where he started to question his self. He was studying in San Beda where he started studying reading minds. Yes, he wanted to answer his own questions. In his way, this could be a perfect way to move on. Due to his interest in studying minds, he actually searched for a mentor who lives in Australia, and they converse via skype.

He even mentioned to us the methods of budul-budul gang which I can’t reveal. Anyways, he showed us how he do it which you can see in, a video is uploaded where his feature is located.

Hindi daw siya madaya, getting prepared lang. Of course, he always receives that kind of comment since he can read people’s minds through first meeting. He even mentioned that sometimes it is unfair to other people, that’s why he chose to move away and stop talking to some instead of judging them.

Believe it or not, he covered his two eyes with coins, tape and cloth, then he started dictating a serial number of a bill which was given just that moment he covered his eyes. Unbelievable. Yes, really unbelievable. This skill is somehow has advantages to him, for business (sales) and training purposes. Sometimes, unfair since there was a point in his life when he was not allowed to join Pinoy Henyo since he is already known for his skill. Instead, they just proposed for a TV Guesting. Also, he offers basic classes which you can see on his page if you are really interested in reading minds.


Also, he already published books which can be found in National Bookstores. Again, this information is for the people who really are interested.

He studied the skill for 5 years and professionally performing for 10 years. Through his last lines, “Ito na ang buhay ko at nakita ko na ang gusto kong gawin habambuhay,” you can really say that his happy, contented and satisfied.

The Humble Sebo Pacific.

Every night before going home, I drive myself alone in Panapaan 8, Justin Ville, Bacoor, Cavite just to witness this famous eatery, Sebo Pacific. I’ve been seeing lots of photos uploaded by my friends and I’ve been hearing lots of news about the food here, which makes me visit the place every night. Unfortunately, lagi akong naliligaw or laging sarado. To finally answer my question of why can’t Sebo Pacific and I meet, I tried to search for their facebook fanpage. I was informed by the fanpage that they already have moved in RBT. Building, Tirona Highway, Mabolo 1, Bacoor, Cavite which makes me think that the eatery is really in demand since they moved in a more accessible place.

Again, I tried to drive myself and meet Sebo Pacific alone. Unfortunately, my first attempt was again a failure. At least, I was given an idea that the eatery opens at 6:00pm. Second attempt was again a failure that made me promise never to come back on a weekend, the place is crowded every Fridays-Sundays. Actually, you’ll be on the waiting list! Yes, you might not believe me but I did not go to work just for the sake of experiencing the place. I’ve visited the place Monday at exactly 6:00pm.


Well, the place is really not that big like any fast food chain. Somehow, it’s good, at least walang tambay lang – walang kain. People would drop here to experience the food and get out right after eating, don’t worry, there are still places in the building where you can spend the night. Looking around, I have discovered the wall being used in all of my friends’ selfies. Don’t worry friends, I won’t post a selfie here.


Here’s a teaser of their menu. Yes, teaser, hindi niyo naman matitikman kahit malaman niyo anong ino-offer. I have not tried it all, but from the titles of the food, it gave me a hard time what to order. Cheap right? Exciting right?


Sizzling Bulalo

Ordering Sizzling Bulalo gave me a chance to taste the white sauce which I will really recommend to everyone who will be in here.


Crispy Dinuguan

Well, I don’t really eat Dinuguan, but someone told me that their Crispy Dinuguan is good. So, I’m just a friend, I tried it. I don’t know how to call it, but I am really a person who loves to eat dry foods.

So, if you are searching for a place just to eat, include Sebo Pacific in your checklist. This place is not a tambayan, but kainan. So please, stop spending your whole night here, let others experience true Filipino good food. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the owner for some of my questions, but hopefully, when given a chance, I’ll ask for a free dinner, just kidding. Seriously, if you really wanted cheap and good food, have this as your number 1 choice in Bacoor, Cavite.

Mercato in South – Evia.

December 13, 2015

I’ve been in Mercato in Bonifacio Global City, I’ve been in Baga Manila in Daang Hari, I also have tried small Mercato-like in small places.

For a coffee addict like me, the best place to hangout is in Evia. You don’t have to shop since the shops are limited. You don’t have to be in your best costume since it is not crowded by people. It is along the way where there is no villages beside. A visitor must have their vehicle to be in here, there are no jeeps, bus or fx that could carry you in this place. Of course, there are no bars and clubs. To sum it up, this place is a place to take a cup of coffee and spend a day. It was late night on a Sunday where I decided to eat to satisfy my cravings.

Yes, knowing that Evia is not a good place where you can eat, I still have decided to be here since I would love to take coffee as my midnight buddy. I never expected that I’ll be seeing this in a Parking Lot. Mercato-like in Evia.


Yes, it is not yet crowded. Yet, since people are not aware of this and I felt like people can’t easily travel here. You could easily choose any food you want, take it, pay for it and eat it. In addition, seats are always available. Somehow, it has limited stores open.


While walking around, I never expected that this car was a grilling station. I thought it was just a design by Burn Out Grill. So, I took a photo of it and made sure that I will share this to everyone. IMG_7759

Masaya, masarap, tahimik. Words that will satisfy me, words that you can see in this place.

This eatery will soon close, this is just part of their celebration in Christmas. At least, I was part of their history. I have tried and experience being in one of their marketing strategy.

Bowl Star, your food porn source!


I must say, Good Bye to my number one puntahan kapag ayoko ng ulam, Don Galo Tapsilog. I finally found another mini kainan near Don Galo. Aside from it is hidden, it is just small, but I must say, yes, terrible. You can find this in a small way beside SM Bacoor and Don Galo Tapsilog, in the middle where their signage is stalled.


I was actually amazed by how they introduce their menus. A picture below can tell you why you should smile and think twice about every menu. Each food was associated into a porn word. And the way the waiters introduce it, it would really catch your attention. Aside from that, the waiters are really friendly and open to discussion for jokes, discussion and improvements. This eatery is worth blogging.

1a951d103cdd70f2ff90b3ffb9a137357b9a775e324f2433bc714d8c10ac9d3fAt the end of the day, I told myself, “It is really a food porn!”

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect too much, this is not a high end eatery.